857th Harvard Travellers Club Meeting

The third meeting of the 2016-2017 season will be held in the Massachusetts Room of the Harvard Club on Tuesday, December 13, 2016. Cocktails are served at 6:00 p.m., dinner is at 6:45 p.m., and the meetings begin about 8:00 p.m. The price is $71 each for members and guests. The deadline for dinner reservations is noon of the preceding Friday, Dec 9th. Please notify Club VP Tamara Busch using email (preferred), a postcard, or by telephone. Reservations received after the deadline may not be accepted or could incur a $10 late fee. Members and guests who fail to attend without canceling their reservation prior to the above deadline may be liable for the dinner charge.

Elissa Landre
Bonelli's Eagle and Bull Jumpers - Nature and Culture of Crete

Elissa Landre will speak about her time in Crete. The island was once the center of the Minoan
 civilization (c. 2700 - 1420 BC), which was regarded as the earliest recorded civilization in 
Europe. Crete’s landscape is very special: defined by a high mountain range, deep valleys, fertile plateaus, and caves. Rivers cut deep, exceptionally beautiful gorges that create a rich presence
 of geological wealth and have been explored for their aromatic and medicinal plants since 
Minoan times.

A fantastic variety of birds also are found on Crete: not only its resident bird species, which are
 numerous and include rare and endangered birds, but also the migrants who stop over on Crete
 during their journeys to and from Africa and Europe. The isolation of Crete from mainland 
Europe, Asia, and Africa is reflected in the diversity of habitats, flora, and avifauna. The richness
 of the topography results in an impressive list of plants and animals.

Elissa Landre is the director of the Massachusetts Audubon’s Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary in
 Natick and Sherborn. At Broadmoor she directs staff in projects ranging from ecological
 management of the 800-acre sanctuary to providing natural science education in schools 
through a naturalist-in-residence program.

The 2016-2017 Season at a Glance

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  • October 11, 2016 Tonya & Brad Clement: The Everest Peace Project

  • November 9, 2016 Jon Turk: Crocodiles and Ice

  • December 13, 2016 Elissa Landre: Bonelli's Eagle and Bull Jumpers - Nature and Culture of Crete

  • January 10, 2017 Robert Breyer: Admiral Byrd's Polar Expedition - A Narrative by His Grandson

  • February 14, 2017 Members' Night: Four Short Presentations by Club Members

  • March 14, 2017 Daryl Hawk: Distant Journeys - Places Where Time Stands Still

  • April 11, 2017 Mark Richey: Exploring the Kishtwar Valley of Kashmir

  • May 16, 2017 Christopher Golden: Surprising Connections between the Environment and Humans


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    • May 2016 William Barton: Exploring Sable Island

    • April 2016 George Trumbull: Rabat & Meknes - Pirates and Potentates

    • March 2016 Timothy Walker & Daniela Melo: Cochin, Goa and Diu - The Past Hidden in Plain Sight

    • February 2016 Members' Night: Four Short Presentations by Club Members Edward Wendell, Jenifer Craig, Susan Holcombe, and Madelon Bures & Diane Wenckebach

    • January 2016 Wendy Booker: 90 Degrees Latitude and Longitude… Incredible!

    • December 2015 Carl Safina: Beyond Words - How Killer Whales, Elephants and Wolves Think and Feel

    • November 2015 Polly Mahoney & Kevin Slater: Canoeing with the Cree

    • October 2015 Nils Navarro: Cuba, the Queen of the Caribbean

    • June 2015 Members' Night: Four Short Presentations by Club Members Jo-Del Gaeth (China), Judy Gregg (Antarctica), Eli Dow (Burma) and Nils Bonde-Henriksen (Iceland)

    • May 2015 Cheryl Knott: Borneo, Orangutans in the Wild

    • April 2015 Patricia Glyn: A Journey of Discovery, Trekking with the Khomani San/Bushmen of the Kalahari

    • March 2015 Curt DiCamillo: Magnificence, Marriage & Murder – The Story of Scotland's Brodick Castle

    • January 2015 Sarah Garlick: Wild Stone – Big Wall Climbing in Greenland and a Climbing-Science-Conservation Project in Mozambique

    • December 2014 Joseph A. Greene: Travellers in the Holy Land – From the Siege of Acre to the Wilderness of Zin

    • November 2014 Nathan Benn: Peru and the Royal Tombs of the Moche Culture

    • October 2014 Matt Gross: Why I Can't Make Sense of Turkey, But Love It Anyway

    • May 2014 John King: Close Encounters Of The Wild Kind - Adventures At The Top Of The Food Chain

    • April 2014 Shawn Carey: Epic Journeys - Tracking The Migrations Of Shorebirds In The Western Hemisphere

    • March 2014 Joseph Schuldenrein: Afghanistan The Glory Of Mes Aynak - Past Magnificence, Future Threats

    • February 2014 Members' Night: Four Presentations by Club Members

    • January 2014 Freddie Wilkinson: Mountain/Story

    • December 2013 Dr. Jerry Vanek: Serum Run '25 - The Great Race Against Death

    • November 2013 Deborah Hoard: They Call It Myanmar - Lifting The Curtain

    • October 8, 2013 Don Gurewitz: Bhutan - Inside The "Land Of The Thunder Dragon"

    • May 2013 Greg Child: K2, A Very Hard Way

    • April 2013 Jennifer Berglund: Defending Eden – The Waorani Student Project

    • March 2013 Christina Thompson: The Discovery and Settling of Polynesia

    • February 2013 Members' Night: Four Presentations by Club Members

    • January 2013 Janet Bergman Wilkinson, Freddie Wilkinson & Mark Richey: Indian Summer - 6 First Ascents in the Eastern Karakoram

    • December 2012 Stephen Loutrel: Sailing and Mountaineering in Northern Labrador

    • October 2012 Rosemary Mahoney: Down the Nile; Alone on a Fisherman's Skiff

    • May 2012 Alex S. MacLean: Aerial Reflections

    • April 2012 Mitchell Zuckoff: Lost In Shangra-la

    • March 2012 Christina Thompson: The Maori People of New Zealand

    • February 2012 Members' Night: Four Presentations by Club Members

    • January 2012 Donald Freeman: Venice - Saving A World Heritage Site

    • December 2011 Alan Hoffman: The Yukon Quest

    • November 2011 Dr. Wouter van Hoven: Operation Noah's Ark - Restoring Angola's Wildlife

    • October 2011 David Roberts & Ed Ward: The Southeast Face of Mt. Dickey, Alaska

    • May 2011 Rich Wilson: Race France To France, Leave Antarctic To Starboard

    • April 2011 Kathryn Bard: Mersa/Wadi Gawasis - A Pharaonic Harbor On The Red Sea

    • March 2011 Alex Honnold: Alone On The Wall

    • February 2011 Members' Night: Four Presentations By Club Members

    • January 2011 Chris Leahy: Mongolia - The Last Wilderness Nation Faces The Global Market Economy

    • December 2010 Mark W. Moffett: Adventures Among Ants

    • November 2010 Alice DeLana: Provence - A Love Affair

    • October 2010 Jon Bowermaster: One Ocean

    • May 2010 Dr. Isobel Williams: Edward Wilson, Life and Times

    • April 2010 Patricia Glyn: Footing with Sir Richard's Ghost

    • March 2010 Tina Ramme: African Lions and Maasai Nomads

    • February 2010 Members' Night: Four Presentations by Club Members

    • January 2010 Peter Athans: Secrets of Shangra-La: Re-Discovering the Caves of Mustang

    • December 2009 Delafield DuBois: Back Roads: A 24-Day Journey Through the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

    • November 2009 Conrad Anker: The Shark's Fin

    • October 2009 Geoffrey Clark: Abandoned in the Arctic

    • May 2009 Lou Jones: Travel + Photography: Off The Charts

    • April 2009 Dr. Lucy Der Manuelian: Armenia - Mountains, Monuments, Manuscripts And Miracles

    • March 2009 Mark Richey: Climbing And Exploring Around The World

    • February 2009 Members' Night: Five Presentations by Club Members

    • January 2009 Wayne Petersen: Svalbard – An Arctic Naturalist's Paradise

    • December 2008 Chris Davenport: Skiing Colorado's 14ers And Beyond – Ski Mountaineering The World's Great Mountains

    • November 2008 Sebastian Junger: A Journalist In The World's War Zones – Report From The War In Afghanistan

    • October 2008 Anita Klaussen & Bud Collins : Bhutan, The Happy, Sleepy Himalayan Kingdom